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Monday, February 23, 2009

Virtual New York by Keywords

A fellow Visual Culturist tipped us off to this one. You have to see it in action to really understand the beauty behind it. To explore the city for yourself you can download Pastiche here.

Creators Ivan Safrin and Christian Marc Schmidt explain their platform best below:

Conceptually, Pastiche is a parallel experience of the city, a map that not only documents, but also suggests action. It is a public counterpart to the private physical architecture of the city. Its source an aggregate of individual blogs, Pastiche is a system that anyone has the ability to contribute to.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Endangered Language Report

Last week Design 21 announced the winners of the “Languages Matters” competition that was launched by Felissimo, in collaboration with UNESCO, to recognize International Mother Language Day, which fell on February 21st, 2009.

The initiative was put forth to raise awareness among designers and to incite them to spread the word about the crucial role of languages as resource and heritage to be safeguarded, as well as linguistic diversity which reflects human diversity.

UNESCO has also launched its latest edition of an interactive map of ‘World’s Languages in Danger.’ In all, there are roughly 6,000 world languages — according to the map, 2,500 languages are endangered and 200 are virtually lost. You can access the interactive map for more details right here.

Here is a TEDTalk with Wade Davis on endangered languages that is worth seeing:

via TED:

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Monday, February 16, 2009

“The Smart Grid” by GE

GE recently introduced “The Smart Grid”, a new campaign that is absolutely stunning in every aspect. It’s use of 3-D rendering is in full-effect with supportive, well appointed voice overs that invite you into GE’s world of eco-tech innovation. An added bonus is an augmented reality feature where users can have the website literally jump into their hands by watching a new eco-friendly wind or solar plant unfold into a 3D hologram onscreen via their web-cam. You can see an example below:

via Digitalbuzz:

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Morning Inspiration

LA-based motion graphics studio Laundrymat recently launched a new site and have a kick-ass reel.
See it here.

via Preik:

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Water Systems of Manhattan

The New York Moon
is an internet-based publication adhered to the lunar phases of the real waxing, waning moon. It is collection of experimental, reflective, and imaginative projects that unfold in any medium.

In their January edition they explore the Water Systems of NYC:

“Beneath New York’s lattices of concrete, iron and landfill lie dozens of organic waterways,” they write. “Using data from an 1865 sanitation map and contemporary satillite photographs, this projection depicts Manhattan as a vascular organ, whose obscure opperation has had powerful bearing on the fate of the city.”


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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Great ’08 in 40 seconds

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

Eirik Solheim created this time lapsed video of the four seasons of 2008. Find out how he did it here. See you in the new year.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Helvetireader

This is a minimal interface theme for Google Reader. All you need is a browser that supports userscripts and, of course, Helvetica. To find out if you got the goods you know what to do.

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Monday, December 15, 2008


The Big Green Help Global Challenge is a new online video game by Nickelodeon geared to educate kids about the environment and sustainability in a fun and engaging platform. You can download the game here.

The Eco Zoo is another online platform that’s worth checking out.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

City of Books

This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo.

The people over at Apt created this interesting film. Over 1000 books were used to complete the piece.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

A(pop)calypse Now

aPOPcalypse Now from Viktor Vauthier on Vimeo.

Dig the making of D*Face aPOPcalypse Now via UK StreetArt set to the tune of Aphex Twin.

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