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Monday, April 27, 2009

Today is World Graphics Day

Celebrated since 1995, World Graphics Day is an opportunity to celebrate the community of graphic and communication design.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 NYC Pillow Fight

Feeling stressed? Newmindspace invites you to head down to Wall St. at 3PM on April 4th with a pillow in hand for the 3rd edition of the NYC Pillow Fight. Find out how to participate here.

See below for the rules: (more…)

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Monday, March 23, 2009

The 99% Conference

Behance is partnering with Cool Hunting to host “99%.” The conference brings together a list of do-ers that includes the CEO of Threadless Jeff Kalmikoff, partner at Pentagram Michael Beirut, and the president of Echoing Green, Cheryl Dorsey. To see the full cast of characters click here.

Going with their tagline “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen”. This event is geared for individuals that already have great ideas, but need some help to make them happen. The event takes place in NYC from April 16-17th. To register you know what to do.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Laser-cut Trophies

Jointly designed by designer Michael Marriott and graphic designer Anthony Burrill. These laser-cut blocks of wood for the 2009 Brit Insurance Designs of the Year are quite nice and appropriately represent what these awards have come to symbolize.

The awards were made of laser-cut MDF with a cherry veneer, each featuring a relevant illustration by Burrill. They are backed with a coloured acrylic panel (in a different shade for each category) and set on a hand-cast brass base.


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 Steps to Sustainable Design

Allan Chochinov, the editor in chief of Core77 presents his ten steps to sustainable design during the Compostmodern design event in San Francisco that went down a few days ago. For a more detailed write-up of the 10 steps go here.

1. Acknowledge the privilege you have as a designer.
2. Use the word “consequence”.
3. Question authority.
4. Surround yourself with the awesomest people you can.
5. Don’t play fair.
6. Be intentionally dumb.
7. Redistribute – then reduce, reuse, and recycle.
8. Broaden your market.
9. Indulge in discursive design.
10. Talk to anyone who will listen.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Five on Fifth – Welcome to Diesel Planet

Today marks the finale of the week-long series of exclusive dinners showcased within the new Diesel Planet store on 5th Avenue. The campaign coincides with fashion week and celebrates their largest store to date – a 20,000 square foot, three story shoppers oasis. True to their mission to “change the face of Fifth Avenue,” Diesel Planet exemplifies the evolution of the consumer experience. In addition to on-site tailoring, and “magic mirrors,” the mega store offers cell recharging stations, store-wide WiFi, multilingual staff, DJ’s on every floor – and much more.

According to, Renzo Rossi, the president of the hip apparel enterprise, Diesel Planet is “the accomplishment of a 30-year dream as well as the beginning of a new adventure.” No doubt this campaign is a bold and unusual experiment in marketing. The concept grew from the classic tradition of NYC window shopping. The store front window is dressed as a Diesel-esque Manhattan apartment by day (complete with radio, brick wall, fire escape and a massive mohawk bust that appears to have plummeted through the ceiling), transforming into a cozy dining area by night where on-lookers from the street can view those in the know partaking in a casual dinner and conversation.

Tuesday Night Five on Fifth with NY Giants Danny Clark, James Butler and Justin Tuck:

Each dinner featured six guests who embody the essence of the hipper side of New York. Visual Culture cordially accepted an invitation to Tuesday night’s event – an evening with the NY Giants (Danny Clark, James Butler and Justin Tuck for all you football enthusiasts). The space was quite striking: The exterior covered in cast glass with their signature logo – the image of a Mohican – hand-cut into black steel. The interior is filled with refurbished vintage wood, hand crafted accents, vintage furniture, and of course, Diesel’s staggeringly chic merchandise. The theme of the Five on Five feast is cleverly carried throughout the store with a variety of accessories being displayed on plates and flatware.

Tonight’s soirée is sure to be an absolute blow-out. The ‘IT Girls’ of NYC will usher in the climax of the Five on Five series. The new Diesel Planet store is located on the corner of 54th & 5th – dinner starts fashionably late, some time after 8pm. (more…)

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Friday, February 20, 2009

“Hype, Hustle, Rip-Off”

Artist Bill McMullen’s critical yet amusing exhibit is about to jump off in LA. Format Mag says it best:

Hype, hustle, rip-off. That’s the title of Bill McMullen’s newest exhibition at LA’s The The Constant Gallery, and is it ever fitting. McMullen takes aim at – and parodies – the visual culture brought forth by modern-era capitalism, and he certainly hits a nerve. A critique of the ‘buy now, think later’ consumerist impulse, McMullen explores advertising’s impact on visual art – or, quite simply, the hyping, hustling, and ripping-off of an art form. A visual treat and political statement, his show opens on February 21st.

For more on his upcoming show you know what to do.

via FormatMag:

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Designing with sustainable materials

This spring the Cooper Hewitt museum in New York will host an exhibition called “Design for the Living World” that will showcase innovative designs commissioned by the Nature Conservancy.

Ten designers were each given a local sustainable material to create new products with. Seven of them got the opportunity to travel to the material’s place of origin. The image above is of NYC based designer Steve Burks.

For a sneak peak on what to expect go to I.D. magazine.

“We wanted to bring out a whole gamut of responses to the idea of engagement with materials and communities,” Miller explains. “We didn’t want to insist upon full-on product designs with guaranteed markets of some kind.” Lupton adds

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

San Francisco on my Mind

San Francisco Graphic Design is a retrospective exhibition by The Museum of Craft and Design. This show is comprised of 12 mini-exhibits, each one attributed to (and designed by) a local designer/studio. The exhibit showcases a dozen San Francisco designers, and presents their various design projects from packaging to posters.

As the mentored become mentors, as the students become rising stars, and as the public becomes ever more discerning, the City’s continuum of innovative graphic design renews itself as surely as sourdough starter.

Guest writer Tim Belonax from Speak Up has a well crafted write-up of the exhibition that’s worth a look.

Designers in exhibition include: Philippe Becker, Adam Brodsley & Eric Heiman, Josh Chen, Barbara Vick, Tom Ingalls, Jennifer Jerde, Mitchell Mauk, Jennifer Bostic, Sara Schneider, Michael Schwab, Christopher Simmons, Cinthia Wen.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Live art battle: Secret Wars

Secret Wars, a live art freestyle session brings together creatives to challenge one another head-on for 90 minutes. It’s a black and white affair – the sole medium being black paint on a 20 foot canvass. No color is allowed. For more on Secret Wars and how to get involved go here. (more…)

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