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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get Absorbed by a Good Book

We really dig this literal depiction. Bookstore Mint Vinetu promotes the love of reading via The Love Agency’s “Be Someone Else” campaign. (more…)

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Call for Entries: The Design Activist’s Handbook

Noah Scalin over at ALR Design is looking for submissions for The Design Activist’s Handbook a book that he is working on with writer Michelle Taute and is being published by HOW Books next year. Here’s what their looking for:

Artwork and interviews: Socially conscious design projects, both self-initiated and client projects, with good stories to go with them. We’d like to hear about failures and successes:
• Your first efforts at socially conscious design.
• Projects/situations where you struggled with ethics.
• How you manage to pursue socially conscious design and still pay the bills.
• What socially conscious design means to you.
• Situations/projects that helped you discover your power as a designer.

Referrals: Know someone else we should talk to? Or something you’d really like to see in the book? Please let us know! We’re especially interested in talking with in-house and agency designers who are working to affect change at their companies from the bottom up.

For more info submissions and referrals go here. All entries must be sent by July 16th of next week.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

I Wonder by Marian Bantjes

Have you been wondering what Marian Bantjes has been up to in the last year? Look no further. She has posted a preview of a project that was conceived, written, designed and illustrated over the last 15 months. The sneak peak is quite impressive showcasing the visual range of her intricate patterns and complex typography. Word is it will be available in stores towards the end of September and is surprisingly only $40.00 retail and $26.40 pre-order at

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Peoples History…

Howard Zinn the Author of “A Peoples History of the United States” has passed away at the age of 87. His writing on history will continue to educate, inspire, and raise a more conscious awareness of our history. He will be missed.

Big Think the online think tank whose mission is to deliver progressive insights from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, had a chance to sit down with Howard Zinn—being one of his last public interviews. Go here to view all three.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Visual Read: The Handy Book of Artistic Printing

Princeton Architectural Press’s new book release The Handy Book of Artistic Printing, by Doug Clouse and Angela Voulangas, showcases the world of artsy pattern and ornament. The book’s subtitle, “A Collection of Letterpress Examples with Specimens of Type, Ornament, Corner Fills, Borders, Twisters, Wrinklers, and other Freaks of Fancy,” pretty much sums it up.

The authors explore the style’s origins in the British Aesthetic Movement and analyze its distinctive features: idiosyncratic color harmonies, eclectic choice of type and ornament, compartmentalized compositional strategies. They also present a landmark portfolio of letterpress printing samples, drawn from some of the most important public and private print archives. More than 150 examples of period ephemera, printers’ own tour de force promotional pieces, and specimens of type and ornament are reproduced, many for the very first time since their initial circulation more than a century ago.

The Handy Book of Artistic Printing celebrates a previously berated and today largely forgotten episode of design history—one of increasing interest in light of the recent embrace of ornament by some leading contemporary designers. This book will be of value to graphic designers, but also to fine artists, visual merchandisers, and collectors of ephemera everywhere.

For more on the new release and other books in Princeton Architectural Press’s collection click here.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visual Read: 100 Classic Graphic Design Books

100 Classic Graphic Design Books is compilation of some of the best design books of the 20th century. This is a must have for anyone interested in the history of graphic design.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Design is the Problem: The Future of Design Must Be Sustainable

Design is the Problem: The Future of Design Must Be Sustainable, by Nathan Shedroff has just been published by Rosenfeld Media, and is likely to become one of the most important books for designers on the subject of design, design practice, and sustainability. Allan Chochinov over at Core77 recently interviewed the author discuss the new book. It’s well worth a look.

There’s nothing inherently off-putting about sustainability at all. I challenge you to find someone who is “in favor” of purposely ruining the future. The problem is in helping people become aware of their impacts and connecting their perfectly adequate values to the effects their activities have.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this one.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Corporate Diversity: Swiss Graphic Design by Geigy

Image from SwissLegacy:

Released by Lars Müller Publishers and designed by Norm; Corporate Diversity: Swiss Graphic Design and Advertising by Geigy, 1940 – 1970 showcases the work of the in-house design studio at J.R. Geigy AG. With its clean, minimal approach to design Geigy’s work helped spread what came to be known as the International Typographic Style. Karl Gerstner, Jörg Hamburger, Stef Geissbühler, Toshihiro Katayama and Armin Hofmann are just a few notables who worked there.

via SwissLegacy:

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Designers Against Human Rights Abuse

Designers Against Tibetan Abuse is the first project by Designers Against Human Rights Abuse. Founded by ambitious designer Rishi Sodha in the summer of 2008, DAHRA exists to promote and raise awareness among individuals in the creative fields of their social, political and ethical responsibilities.

52 creatives from around the world all contributed pieces focusing on different aspects of Tibetan Rights forming this inspiring book, available for £20 delivered worldwide. All proceeds go to the Tibet Relief Fund.

Check-out CR Blog for a detailed write-up and interview with Rishi Sodha. (more…)

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Limited Edition: Helvetica Moleskine

collaborated with the Helvetica foundation and acclaimed Japanese designers GROOVISIONS to create two special editions in black and red.

The Goods:
Limitied Edition of the “A Tribute to typography – Helvetica, past, present and future of the typography” exhibition 192 pages / 9×14cm / acid-free paper. Special Edition with Moleskine Hard Red Ruled Notebook.

It’s a bit pricey, but if you’ve got a little extra to burn, you can get your copy right here.

via SwissLegacy:

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