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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Inneract Project

Inneract Project, is an educational program conceptualized by prominent Bay Area graphic designer Maurice Woods. Its mission is to expose under-served youth to careers in design by providing free classes and mentorship. The idea came to fruition when Woods was a graduate student at the University of Washington and has found success in the Bay Area where he coincidently grew up as a child.

We had the opportunity to dialog with Maurice over the last few weeks and asked him to share insight on the program—how the program came to be, where it is now, and his long-term goals on where he would like it to go. Summer Session for the program is scheduled to begin in early July. To learn more on how to apply go here.

VC: How did the Inneract Project concept come to be?

MW: I started IP because I figured there were other creative kids out there who might not be fortunate enough to go to college. The concept of the program is to expose kids at an early age so that they might be able to find careers in something they have an affinity towards and love to do. (more…)

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Let the Games Begin

Follow the games in style with David Watson’s double-sided poster set in Gotham. The piece was developed for Soccer Aid, a British charity that raises money for UNICEF. No doubt we will be following the U.S./England match come this Saturday.

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