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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

7 reasons not to use comic sans

Fifteen years ago, Vincent Connare designed Comic Sans as a small software project for Microsoft. While designers cringe at the sight of it—the fun, whimsical font is one of the most popular fonts used today.

Jason Brubaker has compiled a solid list of reasons NOT to use comic sans that we have included below.

1. Just because it has “COMIC” in the name and it’s FREE doesn’t mean you should use it in your comic that you spent years laboring over. In fact, because it comes free on every computer in existence know to mankind, you might want to choose a different font for the sake of standing out from the massive crowd who blindly use it.

2. You will instantly look unprofessional to anyone who has already learned this lesson no matter how good your art or story may be. Designers and Letterers will want to roundhouse kick your face.

3. Comic Sans has uneven default kerning. Some letters are spaced weird which hurts the flow of reading. Below is an example of bad kerning. This is Comic Sans but I pushed the kerning so it was obvious to a non-letterer. (more…)

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Are you a top gun?

ADC Young Guns competition is looking for the best of the best. If your under 30 you qualify. Click here to enter. We’ve included some notable designers that have been named “Top Guns” below:

Young Guns 7: Veronica Fuerta
Young Guns 6: Alex Trochut
Young Guns 5: Alex Lin (more…)

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