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Friday, June 12, 2009

Everything Flows


Dutch architecture firm i29 uses typography as their basis for Panta Rhei, a public school in Amstelveen.

i29 says: ‘We think in structures and rhythms and not in taste or style. You can look at it as music which deals with harmony and contrast. One tone is not unconnected to the next and silence is essential.’

From Press Release:
In the design for the new accommodations of public school Panta Rhei in Amstelveen (NL) there is a lot of attention on the balance between freedom and a sense of security. Snelder Architecten realised a building with many open multifunctional spaces where students can make themselves familiar with the teaching material. The interior design by i29 links up with that perfectly and gives the spaces an identity that connects with the students’ environment and addresses them directly and personally. i29 let itself be inspired by the name of the school. Panta Rhei, meaning ‘every-thing flows’, ‘everything is in motion’. This led to a design that leaves space for the imagination of the users, offering elements that can be used flexibly, which also propagates the school’s identity.

i29 commissioned poet Erikhan Harmens to develop the series of poems that are integrated throughout the school (as seen above). The condensed typographic treatment is stems from the school’s logo and signage.

More images:

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