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Monday, April 27, 2009

Spamghetto: Junk-mail Wallpaper

All of us can relate to the continuous bombardment of spam in our inbox. Word is that spam counts for 95% of all email. While headway has been made to eradicate this daily annoyance— Italian studio ToDo has put it to good use by developing a spam-based generative wallpaper. This project was presented as part of Milan Design Week 09.

“…instead of sweeping spam under the carpet, we decided to save some junk-mail in order to turn it into a wallpaper for your house before it’s too late: someday a brilliant scientist will find the definitive solution to eradicate from the web the bittersweet pleasure of spam.”

Check out the project’s Flickr gallery here.


posted by Oberholtzer Creative Staff at 9:49 am  

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