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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wood, Paper, Checkmark winners announced

Design 21 has announced the winners of their latest competition, “Wood, Paper, Checkmark”: a consumer action & education campaign for the use of Forest Stewardship Council.

Participants were asked to create an image that would be used for online and print ads along with a supporting URL that would be used in the concept-based campaign. See below to view the winners:

Overall Winner: Damian O’Hara and Christophe Roger

We selected this campaign for its direct simplicity, warm and humorous tone, and how it allows FSC to play in such a huge territory: climate change, indigenous people’s rights, wildlife protection. The everyday items featured – spoons, tables – are world-changing secret weapons that we all can wield in our everyday lives.

Know Forestry by 1187 Creative (Zak Ouart, Ben Ouart, Steven Darby, Russ Gruber, Lindsey Cox) from United States selected by Jennifer Leonard

Protect the Earth: Approved Campaign by Carlos Pion from United States selected by David Carlson

The Eco-shopping Campaign by Isabel Sanchez from United States by Niti Bhan and Halim Choueiry

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