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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nothing to smile about

Kraft Foods, one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world unveiled a new corporate logo this week. Keep in mind that the re-brand will only be seen on the corporate level – not the consumer level. Below is an excerpt of a press release from Kraft Foods:

Excerpt from Press Release:

With a new purpose and values setting a fresh direction, Kraft Foods also gave its corporate logo a facelift to more clearly deliver “delicious.” Starting today, people around the world will begin to see the new identity that deliciously features a smile, the natural reaction to delicious foods and experiences, and a colorful flavor burst. It signals to employees, consumers and investors what the new Kraft Foods is all about.

This is definitely a case of a re-brand gone horribly wrong. The typography is a mess with its mish-mosh of styles, thickness, and color changes. The tag line set in Tekton is amateur at best.

The smiley face graphic contains the same haphazard style that just fails to hold up as a mark. This new effort may have just knocked Pepsi off as the “WORST” re-brand. Thoughts?

via Brand New:

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