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Friday, January 9, 2009

Saks Fifth Avenue Goes Constructivist

Rodchenko Piece:

For the spring shopping season Sax Fifth Avenue presents these shopping bags complete with constructivist styled graphics and typography reminiscent of Rodchenko, a well-known graphic designer and photographer of his time.

Yes, the graphics are dynamic and well-designed by one of our favorites “Shepard Fairey”. But we have to question the appropriateness given the high-end nature of Saks Fifth Avenue. Irony or pretentiousness? You decide.

“Some people might think it could be making fun of what’s going on right now,” Mr. Fairey said. “But I think most people are sophisticated enough to realize it’s a way of grabbing attention. It’s commerce. I don’t think there is really any political statement embedded in this.”


posted by Oberholtzer Creative Staff at 12:43 pm  


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