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Monday, December 22, 2008

Dubya portrait revealed at the National Portrait Gallery

We felt this portait by Robert Anderson, a classmate of Bush’s at Yale, was appropriate. His casual pose, sitting relaxed with his hands interlocked pretty much sums his lackluster and disastrous terms in office. The “classical realist” style is appropriate and fits into the mold of the preceding presidential portraits.

Given that these portraits are meant to represent the era of each leader, we find it disappointing that from president to president the portraits fail to reflect the art of the time. John F. Kennedy who was painted by Elaine de Kooning is the exception. Bill Clinton had two portraits done as well, one by renowned realist painter Nelson Shanks, the other being Chuck Close.

John F. Kennedy by Elaine de Kooning:

via Hrag Vartanian:

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