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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Boxes ‘o Light

So what’s up with the box being converted into a lamp?? Much like d:light here are some similar products by David Graas and Ciclus. Although these are very interesting ideas and a move forward in sustainable packaging, we have to wonder will consumers use the converted lamps or just toss it in the recycle bin. Your thoughts?

David Graas Light Box:
This lamp packaging comes as a box with all parts inside. You cut top and bottom yourself and then install. The cut out of the lamp shape functions as a graphical image.

Ciclus Light Box:
This box acts as a carrying case and a wine bottle. It has a wooden outer packaging that slides off to reveal the cardboard inside and the wine bottle. There is a “hidden compartment” below the bottle where the electrical components for the lamp are stored. This cardboard box comes off and transforms into the base of the lamp, upon which you place the wooden structure to become the lamp shade.

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