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Monday, December 29, 2008

12 Posters by Luba Lukova

Social Justice 2008 is a powerful portfolio that showcases 12 thought-provoking posters by talented artist and designer Luba Lukova. To learn more you know what to do.

It might be said that artists by nature long for a just and equitable world (as do people from all callings), and that this longing is what distinguishes humans from the animal kingdom, where power and might are the forces most in play and where, indeed, they most often win out. It might also be true that sometimes the harsh realities of human life make it look as if the ideal of justice in our society is a utopian dream. Yet progress towards social justice has only ever been possible because of those who would dare to dream, the “idealists”–those labeled “Quixotes”even–who have the courage to stand for what their hearts tell them is right and just.

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