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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

“Pathway to a sustainable environment”

Heaven, by Capella Garcia Arquitectura, is an ephemeral space created to show off the virtues of a constructional system using a plastic material which was developed by the Resyrok Company. This impressive display can be found in Barcelona’s Casa Decor Fair as part of the “Pathway to a sustainable environment” exhibit.

“Heaven” invites the visitor to travel along a tunnel revealing the material’s varied possibilities. There are two openings in the facade: one of them, which comes forward to receive you, is the entrance, and the other, which seems to retreat from you, is the exit. The interior lighting keeps changing colour and shade, making the plastic membrane into something living. As you enter you go through a large dome where an oscillating lamp hangs like a tonsil. In one place, the glossy-finish plastic material looks like a painted wall and reflects the light; in another, the same material, but this time with a translucent finish and illuminated from behind, turns the walls into a great lamp that keeps taking on different colours, through a system of electronically-programmed LEDs [RGB]. When you reach the end, the black walls make the space disappear, and in the darkness the moving image of a fire emerges and vanishes behind the microperforated surface of the material, deceiving the eye and producing a hyper-realistic effect. Opposite the image, in the central zone, one whole wall is filled with a projected video of the sea-bed in constant motion, giving the sensation of being submerged under water. Continuing towards the exit you come to an oval window where the material becomes semitransparent, and through it can be seen a curtain of autumn leaves in silhouette, in constant movement thanks to a fan.

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