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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mural Capital of the World

Jane Golden and The Mural Arts Program’s mission to bring art to the streets has virtually transformed Philadelphia, in addition to providing beauty & inspiration to some of the city’s most blighted and depressed landscapes. It all began with a collaboration between former Mayor Wilson Goode and the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network. Today, Golden’s vision has grown to almost 3,000 murals throughout the city.

The murals are more than just beautiful paintings splashed onto the sides of buildings. They evoke messages of hope and dreams for the neighborhoods they call home.

From October 2008-2009 The Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia will be celebrating its 25th year with a series of exciting events. To learn more about MAP and their 25th anniversary list of events click here.

MAP also recently published a second book, designed by Design For Social Impact called “More Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell”

Malcom X: by Ernel Martinez

Common Threads: by Meg Saligman

Julius Erving: by Kent Twitchell

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