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Monday, July 21, 2008

Hack Job

I really had to scratch my head on this one. To put it lightly, The Franklin Institute Science Museum’s new logo is a complete flop. Let’s compare the old with the new – shall we?

The Franklin Institute’s original mark was designed by Hans Allemann, a principle of Allemann Almquist & Jones. He’s been a leading graphic designer both here and abroad for over 40 years, a member of AGI, and very well respected within the design community.

The original mark depicted a solar eclipse with simplified clarity. It is both innovative and timeless. Its well crafted graphic treatment enables the logo to read in large and small applications with easy legibility. I could go on and on, but I the identity pretty much speaks for itself.

The “new and improved” logo is a widdled down version of the original identity and feels generic at best. I showed this to a few friends of mine and they thought it was an identity for a new condo development. Need I say more?

On a practical level the color choice was not thought out. The added colors are a printer’s nightmare which drives up printing costs for each application. The lack of design sensibility in the contrast of tones in the logo does not allow for quality representation when printed in one color and scaled down to smaller sizes. In short, on all fronts it was a huge step backwards.

Your Thoughts?

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