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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quite Disappointing

Pentagram just completed a new identity for MillerCoors. The usage is not for the consumer marketplace, which means you will not see this logo on a bottle of beer. It will mainly be used for corporate communications.

Pentagram and Michael Bierut know better and have done far better work. I was very surprised when I came across this. The conceptual thinking behind the logo works, I get it. But the execution fails in its visual representation (it doesn’t read as a glass that is half full), they had to add an intro animation to get the point across.

The color scheme is bland and does not represent a refreshing glass of beer. I understand the thinking behind merging colors and creating a new scheme to separate it from the “MolsonCoors and SAB Miller” brands, but there has to be a better solution.

Lastly, the type is disturbingly tight. It makes me cringe.

Feel free to add your critique.

posted by Oberholtzer Creative Staff at 8:56 pm  


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