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About Oberholtzer Creative

Who We Are

Oberholtzer Creative is an independent multi-disciplined design studio.
O.C. is headed up by David Oberholtzer who has over ten years of
industry experience as a multi-disciplined graphic designer. We have
a very talented network of professionals that are hand-picked per
project depending on the nature and scope of each project.

How We Do It

We include our clients in the process, the development, the magic. Each project
has it’s own challenges and objectives. We get to know our clients, we learn from
them, they learn from us. It is a collaborative effort.

Client List

The Atelier School of Classical Realism
Avoda Arts
Binghamton University
Center for Literacy
Cheyney University
Eat Out Eat Green
GambsRohen Consulting
Global Action Foundation
Healthy Structures
JP Interiors
LIghthouse Medical Publications
MIPH (Middlesex Interfaith Partners with the Homeless)
Tender Greens
The Next Level
Warren Capital